Homeward Bound

Exploring A COURSE IN MIRACLES together!

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Who we are

Homeward Bound is a community of people just like you - spiritual seekers who want to explore this amazing adventure called A Course in Miracles and who value the company of others on the journey.

Hi there! My name is Glen, and I'll be your host and guide for the journey. 

Inside our community you will find:

  • free daily inspiration to help you navigate life's challenges
  • connection with others following a similar spiritual path
  • a supportive environment where you can share your ups and downs 
  • opportunities to take part in study groups, workshops, etc.

A bit about my spiritual journey

Much of my life, something was missing.

I grew up in a fundamentalist Christian environment, under the strong influence and rigidity of the church with all its rules and dogma. I tried to follow this path in my early years (even to the point of graduating from Bible College and becoming a pastor), but gradually became disillusioned and eventually walked away from it all - the church - God - all of it.

I gave up on God ... but it seems He hadn't given up on me.

Fast forward a few decades and I found myself one day standing in the local bookstore holding a copy of A Course In Miracles to my heart with tears in my eyes.

In that moment I felt strangely drawn to a book that I knew virtually nothing about. Somehow, inexplicably, I knew that it was to be part of my path, but little did I know, nor could I have imagined where it would lead me or what an impact it would have on my life.

It’s been 4 years since that day, and the love affair continues.

I have found within its pages life transforming principles and a purity of message unlike anything I've ever encountered. It has challenged my entire thought system and turned my worldview on its head, but from beginning to end it has given me a pathway to follow ... a pathway back HOME ... back to my Source ... back to God!

I feel called to share my spiritual journey, as a guide to other like-minded seekers and I'd love to share it with you. 

Homeward Bound is where it's happening. 

Please join me!

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